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 Serena & Selene

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PostSubject: Serena & Selene   Serena & Selene Icon_minitime1Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:15 pm

Stephanie Lang- Diamonds, Straightjacket

Name: Serena Akahana

Height: 5'10

Weight: 115

Age: 212

Age Appearance: 19

Race: Witch

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Blonde-Serena, Black-Selene

Clothing: Depends but usually a skirt and top (See Avatar or Siggy)

Likes: Desserts, Flying, Painting, Music, Cats

Dislikes: Her mother, Being called "Maa'm"

Fears: Spiders

Personality: Serena is whats known as an intellectual optimistic, one who takes pride in what she knows, but still loves to laugh and have fun. Her sister is the exact opposite lately, not enjoying anything but pure destruction,not even caring who she hurts along the way.

Serena was born into a family of magic. Her father, Warren, being a powerful warlock, and her mother,Willow, an enchantress.Not only that, but Serena was born after her identical twin sister, Selene. They were always inseperable until one day, their lives were changed forever. Willow cast a spell and seduced the husband of a woman who was later revealed as an evil sorceress. Her revenge was a powerful one: She cursed Warren and sealed him inside a painting, which ended up in Selene's possession. She also cursed the sisters by creating a magical bond between the two of them: If one dies, the other will follow her to the grave. Serena and Selena tried battling the sorceress but simply couldn't pull it off at the age of 15. Willow died at the close of the battle, sacrificing her life to make up for her mistake and to save her children. While Serena was torn up inside at the loss, Selena chose to instead embrace dark magicks to avenge her death. It consumed her eventually and after finally defeating the sorceress, Selene and Serena had to go their own ways. Selene then one day realized she could never reach her full potential without first collecting her sister's powers, which led her to chase Serena through all sorts of worlds and dimensions, until they finally ended up in Kuroi Seken. Serena continues fighting her sister, and they always end up matched, but neither can ever finish the other off without first breaking the curse, otherwise, they'll both die. The only known way to break the curse would be for the sisters to combine theur magic, although that would mean Selene would lose her dark powers, something she isnt ever planning to do. So until that day, the sisters will continue their chase.

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Serena & Selene
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