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 Terra Moretti

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Terra Moretti

Terra Moretti

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PostSubject: Terra Moretti   Terra Moretti Icon_minitime1Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:42 pm

Name: Terra Moretti

Age: 18

Race: Human

Affiliation: Thief

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Brown

Personality: Terra has a pretty low moral standard when it comes to right and wrong. She grew up in a rough childhood, so as she learned to fend for herself, so too did she learn to look out for number 1. As she grew, however, she started to keep a few 'brotherly bonds' here and there. As long as its a two way street, Terra will look out for her 'brothers' and help them out of almost any tight situation. Other than that, she's a pretty carefree individual.

Likes: Quality Blades, 'trophies', a good time

Dislikes: Rules, 'Heroes', being called by her first name

Fears: Losing her remaining brothers, as she has lost her other comrades.



Terra Moretti Anime-Women-43410-1-1


Olivia has close friends to whom she refers to as her 'brothers', for they are like family to her. In most cases she seems to run the show around these guys.

-The youngest of the group, Emilio, tends to be the most quiet of all. Despite how he was brought up, he's always had a polite manner in everything he does, even though he might no all of the proper customs when showing respect.


-The eldest of the group, Leo is always watching out for Terra and Emilio. He also carries the most wit about him, and often times comes up with the best strategies even while on the job. He can think quickly and appropriately.


Terra also tends to speak a bit of Italian here and there.

-Aiuto! (Help!)
-Grazie (Thank you)
-Buongiorno (Hello, more formal)
-Ciao (Bye)
-Arrivederci (Goodbye, again, formal)
-Bene (Good)
-Sí (Yes)
-Scusa (Excuse me or sorry)
-Mi dispiace (I'm sorry)
-Mi capisce? (Do you understand me?)
-Capisco (Understood)
-Chi? (Who?)
-Che? (What?)
-Un attimo (One moment)
-Merda (Sh*t)
-La fica (The pussy)
-Bastardo (Kinda obvious what this one means ^_^)
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Terra Moretti
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