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 Kurai Kimura(Editing in Process)

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PostSubject: Kurai Kimura(Editing in Process)   Kurai Kimura(Editing in Process) Icon_minitime1Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:47 pm

Real Name: Kurai Kitai Kimura
EX name: 混血児 - Konketsu-ji(Half Blood)

Appearance Age: 19
Actually Age: Classified

Race: Half-Breed(Devil/Human)

Hair Color: Dark Golden

Eye Color: Dark Golden

Personality: Holding up an act is a specialty of Kurai's. Kurai tends to hold up an act around everyone besides her twin brother, Rei. She'll force a smile and kindness around them but then quickly, it will disappear. Anyone that does make it close to her will truly see that she was holding up an act when they see her true kindness and her soft smile. She often has a blank facial expression and eyes that are clouded. Most of her emotions are shown through her actions and not her facial expressions. She also have a bad habit of letting her execution nature out. In Kurai's execution nature, she is merciless and cold-hearted to the core. She doesn't enjoy messing around plus she tends to sigh a lot in this state.

Past: Classified

Other: Kurai absolutely hates her half-breed self to a great extent that if someone figures out she is, her facial expression turns to disgust but it's directed towards herself, not to anyone else. She's known to leave an area if someone asks about anything. She's rather be known for a special human than to be a half-breed. She has twin blades that she carries around that tend to rust when they do not have blood in their steel which gives them their name, "Blood Blades".

(Only a little bit of many. Edit it later.)
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Kurai Kimura(Editing in Process)
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