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 Asher Black

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Asher Black

Asher Black

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PostSubject: Asher Black   Asher Black Icon_minitime1Sat Feb 19, 2011 6:04 pm

Name: Asher Black
Height: 6'1
Weight: 150 pounds.
Age: 7000 years old.
Age Appearance: 19
Race: Vampire.
Eye Color: Black. Turns red when angry or threatened.
Hair Color: Raven Black
Clothing: Wears gothic clothes and at times wheres kimono's and long jeans and black combat boots. His choice of clothing is pretty much easy going since he will wear anything.
Likes: Shrimp, Reading, His sword, His friends, and everything in between. Oh, he also like kids.
Dislikes: Drinking blood from a persons neck, and being treated unfairly.
Fears: Death of himself alone or loved ones.
Weapon: Sword. "Whispering Wind"

Personality: Calm, Silent, A bit distant, Mature, Workaholic, Book-worm, and a bit of a gentleman. He's seen as a one of a kind character in his family. At times he can joke and other times he can release a whole world of hurt. He's a big softy and can't help but feel bad for people. More will be found out later.

Another thing about Asher's personality is that he is laid back and a bit snoopy into other peoples affairs. He can at times be cute and other times can be dangerous. Asher is also a drinker for he is trying to waste his money but finding it hard to since it always increases in some way. This places stress on Asher and thus has been putting Asher into a bit of a angry mood.

Past: Raised in a rich family and being abused by his parents. He has became a hard hearted man not wanting to show his feelings all the time. At times Asher is nice espeically around children and he enjoys his see food. He's a gentleman at times and pretends to be nice even though he hates it at times. He killed both of his parents in their sleep when they were in their large castle and after that he went on his own way.

Other: Asher killed his parents but supposingly his father 'Ashal' survived for he had someone take his place and using the large amounts of money changed his appearance and placed the father appearance on the man that was mistaken as Ashal. Asher not knowing this thought he killed his father but soon discovered that he was still alive with a entirely different look.

Talents: Asher Black- Can cook well including making tea, he is a bit of a man that likes to work out and practice his skills with his sword or hands and feet. He's a fast reader and tends to also be a fast reacter.

Flaws: Asher Black- is nosey and tends to lay back and not care about people it depends if it is kids or someone he cares for. He hates being told what to do, and that proves that he can't always be incharge and that right now bugs him.

About Ashal Black---

Ashal Black is a evil, crude, sly, and determined in making Asher's life misrable. What makes him sly is he will play as a good trustworthy man until backstabbing the person later. He's a bit of a intimidating man especially around other gangs and such. He has likes strong but willing people to work under him but if they fail once he will kill them which makes him a bit heartless.
His height is between 6'3 and 6'4 instead of having black hair he changed his hair and eye color. He wears rich fancy clothes unlike his son so he can not be missed. To show off to the people around the city, he will throw parties and invite the most interesting characters including Asher and of course Asher goes to these parties for the free beer. (xD Asher is a drunk! lol.) Ashal Black is a darkly charming character and he loves blood more than he does wine so beware!

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Asher Black
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